Careers to get you out on the road

Road you’ve spent 12 years in school and now three or four years studying further. The last thing you want to do is sit at a desk, in front of a computer right now. You want a job after you graduate which will take you out on the road, allow you to see a little bit of South Africa, or even the world.

You want to be able to experience something new and see what’s out there before settling down. You’ve never been able to imagine yourself sitting behind a desk all day. Maybe you’ve also never been able to see yourself staying at home after you graduate. These are some of the options for graduates with itchy feet.

Uber driver.

This car service has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s fairly easy to become a driver, you simply submit the relevant information and documents, wait to be approved and get out onto the road. The best part about being a driver for Uber is you’re in charge of your schedule. When you want to make some money, go online and accept requests. When you want some time off, go offline and relax.


As shopping online increases in popularity, the need for responsible couriers increases. There are many companies while allow students and graduates to use their cars to make deliveries. But some companies will require you to use your own vehicle, so you may have to apply for business vehicle finance if you don’t have one. You’ll spend your days on the road, exploring new parts of your city and meet many new people. For someone who likes being out and about, this is an ideal option.

Au pair.

If you love children and want to move overseas, being an au pair is an ideal option. You’ll often live with the family you’re working with so you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. The pay is often generous and because your living expenses are covered, you’ll likely be able to save a lot of money.

Flight attendant.

An ideal career option for anyone who wants to see more of the world. Within a short amount of time as a flight attendant, you’ll literally be able to say you’ve been around the world and back. As an added bonus, you’ll likely get discounted airline tickets, meaning you can travel during your days off. The pay is often substantial, so you’ll be able to save significant amounts of money.

Remember, this is your life and your career. There are many options for you once you finish your studies. There is no reason to follow a certain path because it is expected of you. No one else can make these choices for you.

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