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Why every student needs a part time job

Varsity should be the best time of your life. Filled with meeting new friends, going out at whatever time you want and stuffing your face with unhealthy food. But if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, it could take the fun out of your varsity experience. If you never have enough money to pay for clothes, going out or even for your tuition fees, a part-time job might be the solution.

Here are seven things that you’ll gain from a part-time job.


The first job you land might not be glamorous. It might include flipping burgers or sweeping floors. We all have to start somewhere, even if it’s as a waiter at a restaurant.

Working part time can be extremely beneficial for you because you may gain significant experience. You’ll be equipped with skills that’ll help you advance in life. You could learn problem-solving and interpersonal skills. For example, you might learn over time the best way to handle rude customers and conflict. The experience you get will look good on your CV and will put you at a better advantage than other candidates. If you don’t have experience after finishing school, you could find it extremely difficult to get a job and find yourself sitting at home for a while.


You could also apply for an internship. An internship can help you gain insight into what your future will look like. And the company could end up hiring you full-time if they’re impressed with your work.

Extra money

Student life is meant to be filled with lots of fond memories but financial problems can put a huge damper on your life. And the stress of not being able to meet all your needs could affect your studies.

As a student, you may face a lot of expenses, such as buying groceries, paying for fuel and rent. And you may find you don’t have enough for going out with your friends. Working part-time can help you get extra cash in your pockets. You could get paid enough to pay your bills and still have enough to open up a saving account. Once you have saved enough money, you could use it as a deposit for your car or use it to travel. Or paying back your student loan if you have one.

Meet new people

You could gain new friends. It’s sometimes hard to make friends at a university filled with thousands of students. And when you’re working part-time, you could make new friends on the job.


Let’s face it, as a student you may not have that much responsibility and working part-time will help you become more independent. When you’re working for someone, you’ll have to learn to be on time and prioritise. And you’ll also learn to take orders from your superior.

Balancing work and studies is not for the fainthearted. You’ll learn how to be more self-controlled and disciplined. You’ll have to make a few sacrifices that other students probably aren’t faced with. Instead of going out to a party, you could find yourself working a shift. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t choose to work more hours than you can actually handle just because you want to make more money. If you do, you may end up feeling overworked and under pressure.

A ride

You could be tired of hitching rides or using unreliable public transport. Well, getting a job could help you get a car. You may not make enough to finance a brand new car but there are many cheap alternatives. You could buy a car at an auction, from someone you trust or from a dealership. You could buy a used Audi that’s up for sale or granny’s run-around car. If you already have a car, the money you make could go towards fuel or car insurance.

Where to work

There are many places that offer students part-time jobs. If you’re busy during the week, you can find a job where you can work on weekends. For example, bookshops, coffee shops and restaurants offer part-time jobs. And you’ll get to meet interesting customers that could make your job enjoyable.

A casual job offers many benefits, such as improving your social skills, earning a paycheck and making the transition to a full-time job easier. And it’ll also increase your confidence. If your CV is blank, you might find it extremely difficult to get a job. Having experience on your resume will help you stand out from other candidates during the interview process. Set realistic goals and don’t overburden yourself with too many hours at work or you may end up failing.

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