How Important Is Time Management For Career

Time is a valuable but very limited resource. It is with this realization that we must learn to use our time wisely. I mean, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to sleep for a third of that. People who know how to manage their time effectively are usually more productive at everything they do. They also sleep better than people who waste away their days.

Proper time management skills help you squeeze in as many tasks as 24 hours can accommodate without missing out on sleep or rest. If you could assign a dollar value to every minute you spend doing nothing, it would be easier for you to measure the impact time management has on your life and career.

This article explains how important time management is to the success or failure of your career goals.

  1. Time is a limited resource

Time is in limited supply like we’ve already mentioned; it will never exceed 24 hours a day. With a finite amount of time, there is only so much you can do. If you needed to beat a deadline for a given task but then you waste a whole hour sitting in your car due to heavy traffic, there is no way you are recovering that hour even if you stay in the office for an extra two hours. Proper time management skills help you to finish tasks within the shortest time humanly possible and if you work on a set schedule, you are able to accomplish more within that schedule. That is the kind of employee every boss wants.

  1. It enhances productivity

What is the urgency of a given task and what can I do to meet its tight deadlines? That is the thinking of a good time manager. Time management skills help you realize that all tasks aren’t equal- some carry more weight and relevance than others. When you set your mind to doing that which is important, you are able to set aside the softer tasks and delegate them to your juniors if necessary. You are able to identify the hardly necessary, highly unproductive tasks and discard them altogether. You understand the volume of work you can handle within a day, so you don’t overwork or overtire yourself. All these factors enhance your productivity.

  1. Leads to better preparations and lesser stress

When you save enough time for a task, you are able to prepare sufficiently and deliver maximally on it. Time management skills help you create time, so you don’t have to rush to beat deadlines. You don’t have to cram excessive tasks into one day, which translates to lesser fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Note that being anxious or stressed in the workplace can make you antisocial and susceptible to endless conflicts, which affects your performance in a negative way. Enroll for time management courses in London if you wish to reduce workload-induced anxiety and stress.

  1. Reduces the chances of rush, bad decisions

Rash decisions are in most cases bad decisions. If you are always pressed for time, you are likely to make rash decisions (bad decisions) way too often. Think of a case where you are the CEO and you have to investigate allegations of gross misconduct by one of your employees, and at the same time have to attend a week-long conference overseas. If you lack good time management skills, you can easily jump into nonsensical conclusions, say, fire the employee without following the due process. That makes you a bad leader. With good time management skills, you are able to make enough time for every task, you never feel the need to jump into conclusions without examining all options and vetting all involved parties, and you never rush through important processes. You rarely make bad decisions when you do that.

  1. You rarely miss opportunities

Time squandered doing unnecessary tasks is time you’d have utilized to grow your career and network. Imagine how far you could be in your career had you set aside two daily hours for an evening class rather than watching movies all the time. Maybe you’d be having another degree now, which would have qualified you for a promotion or pay rise within the year.


Clearly, time management has a huge impact on your career, probably a bigger impact than you care to admit. You can easily avoid unproductive days and sloppy career decisions by being early to work. You can equally avoid burnout by finishing your daily tasks early and sleeping in a good time. It is wise that you start learning good time management skills ASAP!

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