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When it comes to video games the world is ever-expanding and with the recent announcement of the next-generation of consoles it continues to grow. In line with the growth of gaming in general, is the exponential rise of competitive gaming, long gone are the days of LAN tournaments and the problems that come with them, now gaming can be done on the go via your mobile.

Now we get on to what we are here to discuss and that is Spaza Gaming and their PUBG mobile team. Mualh6 is a competitive eSports team from right here in South Africa, with a team competing across PUBG, COD Mobile & FIFA. We will focus on PUBG mobile team who have been sponsored by us here at Mulah.

Firstly, what is PUBG? For those who aren’t fully aware of what it is, the game is, in its simplest form an MMO or Mass Multiplayer Online game with a PvP or player versus player aspect, your goal is to stay alive and kill the enemies, ultimately being the last one standing with your team. The game, which stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was first released at the end of July 2016 for PC, with the mobile version released nearly 3 years ago in March 2018. Since the launch the game has seen massive success with over 600 million downloads and 50 million active daily users, now you see what I mean about the vast growth of the gaming market.

Laura-Lee Govender – SGKarma – IGL

Laura-Lee Govender also known as sgKARMA, one of the very few females playing as an IGL. The primary sniper of the team so generally holds the position of overwatch, making her playstyle semi-aggressive but be warned as she still enjoys good flank and hitting the enemies from the position they least expect. When she’s not busy trying to take over the PUBG world, you’ll find her at home binge-watching TV series, playing pool, and a lover of a good nap.

Benjamin Hartshorne – SGPoison

Benjamin Hartshorne known in-game as sgPOISON, co-IGL, and utility player for Mulah Gaming.  A jack of all trades but master of none, his words not mine,  he covers all positions in the team and provides the IGL with alternate options. A master camper and mostly a passive player that can turn aggressive on a whim, who has been playing Pubgmobile since season 2. When not in-game he enjoys taking walks on the beach with his wife and daughter, and the occasional daddy dress-up days.

Asheeq Cader – SGAsh

sgASH is a fragger, and might I add a deadly one at that. With killer close range fighting skills, his opponents won’t see him coming before he’s finished them. A master reviver makes sgAshsgPOISON (all the time dude)

In real life, Asheeq Cader, is studying BCOM marketing, so he will sell you a snail and you’ll buy it if he wanted you too. Anyway, I have a passion for cars. Fast Cars. Catch him on the battlefield if you dare.

Jannie Van Tonder – SGJannie

Jannie van Tonder also known as sgJANNIE, and is the main fragger of the team. With him and his Co-Fragger sgASH in play they make a hard push on enemies to get a few early frags.

Don’t peak or run in the open, his spray is better than a hackers and his ‘Nades will finish you!

The Mulah6 guys embark on their competitive journey at the Umzansi League and with the support of Mulah, each player will have their Royal Pass and Spaza Gaming jersey.

With the continual boom of eSports not showing any sign of slowing down, the team at Spaza will continue to go from strength to strength, and here a Mulah we look forward to supporting them on that journey.

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