The business of being a student

Transitioning from high school learner to varsity student can be challenging. Some relish in the carefree student lifestyle, while others are eager to take the first step to career success and adulthood.

If you find yourself in the second mindset, career-driven and looking for a way to kick start your entrepreneurial journey, private student accommodation provider Respublica suggests that you approach your studies as a CEO would approach their business.

The following tips can help start you on that journey:

To do list item number one: make a to do list

As you transition from varsity to the working world, you will find your days filled with an ever-changing list of deadlines and tasks to complete. You may find that everything seems urgent, and the mountain of work intimidating.

Like most challenges in life, it’s all possible if you approach one task at a time. Manage your work load (and stress levels) by keeping a daily to do list, prioritising the importance of tasks by the deadline date, impact or volume of work.

As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail” – develop the habit early on and nurture it throughout your career.

Healthy body = health mind

Maintaining a healthy a diet is important, even if fast food is the most convenient – balance is key. Try to get those greens in, drink lots of water and remember that you need a healthy and happy mindset if you want to perform at your best.

Take at least 30 minutes out of your day to move your body. Whether its hitting the road, lifting weights or a simple walk outside, the most successful people maintain that a strong body is a key to a strong mind.

Exercise also releases endorphins, improving your mood, helping you sleep better all while reducing stress and anxiety.

It’s ok to nap – just make it a power nap

After a long day of lectures, and a night of studying ahead, you may feel sluggish and slightly overwhelmed. Give yourself a break and enjoy a power nap (20-30 minutes should suffice) to improve your mood, refresh the mind and allow you to continue at peak performance.

Classmates now colleagues tomorrow #Networking

The longer you are in your chosen profession, the higher the chance that you will come across an ex-classmate or varsity friend. Classmates at varsity could easily end up as colleagues or business partners down the line and these relationships should be nurtured from early on. You are in charge of your own reputation and ultimately your personal brand.

The network you build and nurture in varsity could impact your future business connections so do your future self a favour and give some thought to how you treat and interact with your peers.

Varsity is a fun, chaotic, exciting learning experience with all kinds of adventures. Be sure to embrace each and every experience, while balancing your studies with your bustling social life.

Be a youth, but keep an eye on your future and treat your varsity journey as an early business venture. After all, the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

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