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Interview Tips 101 Qualitative Research By A Candidate

Are you a job hopper? Why you switch so consistently? Why are you switching so soon? These are the common questions being thrown like a bomb from the interviewers. 

They all see you from a blinking eye. You are a criminal because you are switching job or looking for part-time job

It is getting common with days, the higher competition in the market and lack of resources, are creating opportunities for individuals. 

30% of the workforce shifts their jobs in a year. But, these questions are also valid at some point. As being an employee, I am also aware that job switching is not a piece of cake. 

When it your first job specially. It took time and a lot of efforts to re-settle at the workplace. You can use social media for the job search. But, there is a lot to search, and a lot of bogus information. 

I’ll provide you with limited areas to search and success at the job. 

1.  About the Interviewers

The Human Resource (HR) skeleton in the cupboard is their stalking habits. You are being checked at every social media platform before the interview.

 It would help if you did the same. The unemployment rate is 7.7%, you shall better prepare yourself well. Search for your interviews. Know about their degree or work experience. 

Use Twitter or Facebook for this. You can also check their LinkedIn profile to gauge their experience level. 

Value of Job Position

Know who you are. You shall be aware of your value and significance in the organization. This is actually to make you aware of your position. 

This is the cashable position. This is the same position which causes HR to negotiate with you. I may sound cruel, but this is the flow. 

Fly with the air, know what you can do and demand accordingly. The minimum wage in US is $7.25 per hour, is it valuable? Think about it. 

Financial Condition of the Business

Want to join an organization which has a blurred future? I guess no one wants that. No, I am not asking you to search their stock exchange history. It’s just their annual budget and revenue generation. I mean, in the end, all that we are working for are monetary benefits. 35% of the employees are in continues search for job

Market Competitive Salary

Have you ever heard the word ‘moderate’? Yes, it would be best if you remained moderate while demanding. 

Tie this one. Before going, you must know what your competitors are receiving. And what other market competitors are paying. 

This market competitive salary demand will increase your chances of selection. I am not saying to demand low, as this will be injustice with you. 

But don’t ask too much; remain within the market trend. 50% of the company’s revenue should be included in the salaries of employees.   

2.  Work Culture and Environment

So this is the most essential and critical one. 24% of employees left their jobs due to this. The thing that affects the most after joining is the culture and environment you are working with.

Yet, it is also challenging to identify it before joining. Mark two main elements; employee engagement and celebrations. These two factors will reflect the culture. Search social media profile of two to three employees’ and see the celebration pictures. If you find none, then this is an alarming sound.

Balance in Work-Life

60% of people are open for job, don’t be among them. Ask yourself will this job cost you shifting your city or giving your education? 

Are you willing to sit late hours at the office? Is it worth it? Be aware of the monumental policies and behavior towards the late hours sitting of employees. 

Never hesitate to ask from the HR regarding the compensation you will receive in additional working hours. It is your right to get paid for extra hours. 

Growth Opportunities

Join the organization; everything is in the place and seems fair? But what if you have to remain in the same position for ten years? 

Will you agree to that? No I latest won’t do that until I am the president. So search for the growth opportunities before joining an organization. 

The growth opportunities are in two sorts; job designation and monetary benefits. Search for the organizational hierarchy and evaluate available position for your promotion. Also, count the individuals in the race for the promotion.

Benefits and Incentives

Ask openly about the benefits package. You should be aware of the additional package you are going to receive. 

From my perspective, after sometimes your salary won’t be enough to maintain your motivation level. 

As per Crowd Writer, 40% of the people left their jobs, due to this. 

There are additional requirements in the form of incentives and benefits. These will be the emergency kit to motivate you instantly. 

Online Reviews

This is the new one. Even I didn’t believe that it will work. Several platforms provide online reviews of different companies. 

I understand that it may be filled with grudges and negative information many times. But there are websites which ultimately provides their reviews. For instance, you can search on Yelp, GlassDoor, TrustPilot, etc.

These are a valuable one. Don’t trust them blindly, but you may get valuable information. 

Author’s Bio

Amanda Jerelyn is a passionate writer. She is currently working as Senior Content Executive at Dissertation Assistance UK. Amanda loves to talk with different people. She often shares her views and expertise through blog writing.

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