What Can I do with a Generic Management Qualification?

If you are wondering what to study that will help you to improve your career and job prospects, a generic management course should be at the top of your list. This course equips you with the skills needed to operate confidently at a junior management level in all sectors.

Project manager

The skills learned in a generic management course will equip you with the ability to strategise, implement and manage a project. In your role as a project manager, you will be required to monitor and measure the performance of the project, and apply improvements as you see fit.

For the role of project manager, you will need to be highly organised, observant and able to think on your feet, which is what you will learn in generic management courses. You will also need to be able to effectively utilise and manage the talents of team members, and promote interaction between individuals and teams to boost productivity and achieve the goals of your company.

Junior manager

A junior manager is tasked with assisting in the management of multiple projects while also providing management advice to other departments in their company. You will work under the supervision of a senior or project manager until your skills have been proven.

As a junior manager, you will be tasked with creating project plans, including the schedule, the budget, outlining the duties of each team member, identifying project goals and setting a timeline for the project. You will also be asked to report on the progress of this project and whether or not it is in keeping with the company’s goals.

First line manager

As a first line manager, you are required to direct the day-to-day activities of the employees in your department. This includes assigning tasks, reviewing the performance of the other employees and monitoring their work habits.

First line managers are also often required to create work schedules and ensure appropriate coverage during work hours. Your responsibility will also include both the hiring and the firing of employees, based on their performance, and your reports on this. Because you are working under upper management, you are required to report to them on all situations in your department.

Team leader

In many companies, teamwork is of vital importance to the smooth running of the workplace. This is what the role of the team manager encompasses: providing direction, instruction and guidance to a team working on a certain project.

This role may seem similar to a project manager, but it is different in that a team leader is in charge of a team and reports to the project manager regarding the team’s progress. You will work with your team to develop a strategy to meet the end goal, as well as provide any training that is necessary. Your responsibilities include monitoring the interactions and participation of each team member.

Management consultant

Management consultants help companies to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve the overall performance of the company. You will provide objective advice to the company based on data given to you, whether it is financial or statistical.

Your primary responsibilities focus on the strategy, structure and management operations of the company. You may be tasked with creating a business strategy for the company in order help them attain their goals faster or you may have to help in implementing marketing campaigns. A consultant will need to have an analytical mind in order to offer effective advice.

Product manager

A product manager works with people who make a product, whether it be an app, a credit card and appliance or even a toy. This role entails ensuring that the product is made as efficiently as possible and that the final product is meeting everybody’s needs.

Part of your role is to ensure that the people manufacturing the product have access to the latest technology. You will also be tasked with listening to those who use the product and taking their verdicts, complaints and compliments into account when briefing the manufacturing team. A product manager works hard to ensure that the product and all upgrades are being released on time.

Logistics and distribution manager

A career in logistics and distribution is ideal if you have an understanding of coordinating a process and enjoy seeing it through. As a logistics and distributions manager, you are tasked with ensuring that goods are delivered on time and to the correct place.

Your responsibilities may include using IT systems to manage stock levels, delivery times and transport costs, allocating and managing staff resources, managing the staff and liaising and negotiating with clients and suppliers. You may also be tasked with implementing health and safety regulations. For such a role you will need to be a people’s person as well as highly organised with strong time management skills.

Final words

A qualification in generic management can open a wide variety of doors to you, and can help those who are looking to improve their chances of being promoted to a managerial position. If you are already in a managerial position, furthering your education is the first step to climbing the corporate ladder.

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