Fun things to do during your varsity break

You’ve attended classes, worked hard, skipped on sleep and you’re exhausted. And now it’s the end of the semester and you need a break. Use your free time wisely because before you know it, you’ll

6 milestones to chase in your twenties

They say your twenties are the best years of your life. Your twenties are all about finding your feet and finding yourself. You’ll have your heart broken, fall out with a friend and make some

A quick guide to decorating your first digs

After many, many years of living with your parents and possibly spending some time in res, you’re moving into digs. And you couldn’t be happier. Finally, you’ll have your own space to do with as

8 Tips on how to be a morning person

They say the early bird gets the worm. In other words, waking up early in the morning and feeling fresh could have a positive impact on your day. You’re either a morning person or a

How to study like a boss.

Throughout your time at university, there will be many midnight study sessions filled with snacks and going over past exams. But do you actually know the best way to retain all that information? Here are

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10 Ways to improve your grades

If your marks have dropped or you’re failing classes, you may be starting to lose self-confidence and your hopes for a successful school year could take a nosedive. But don’t despair and give up. If

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9 ways to impress your lecturer

We all know that if you want to succeed as a student, you need to study hard, take notes in class and do all your assignments. That’s how you do well at school. But there’s

Why it’s cool to have a roomie at varsity

If you’re used to having your own space at home, the thought of sharing a room or an apartment with a stranger at university can be a little daunting. However, sharing a living space with

How to get through your first year

You spent the past twelve years working hard and now you’re about to transition into a whole new phase of life. You’re probably excited and nervous at the same time about this next step you’ll

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Car safety tips for students

You may be rushing off to class because you’re late for a lecture or an exam. Whatever the reason may be, precaution and safety should come first. You need to check your surroundings and be