How to do team work on a project

When you’re at university or working in your first job, you’ll find that sometimes you have to work together on projects with other people. This can prove to be challenging as you have to up your communication and time management skills. To help you out, here are some pointers on how you can work well with others on a team project.

Communicate with your team

One of the most important things that you need to learn when working together in a team is to communicate with each other. This is so that if you’re having trouble with your part of the project, such as if you’re falling behind or if the client is being difficult, you can then ask for help. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by keeping things to yourself, your team is there to work with you and not against you.

Set achievable goals

If your team wants to complete a project that would normally take one month to finish in just one week, chances are that you won’t get it done. Rather than trying to get more done in less time, why not meet with your team and discuss timelines that actually work. Talk about what you want to accomplish and what it would take to get there. This way you won’t be overworked all the time and you’ll be able to deliver work on the deadlines.

Learn to resolve conflict

When a group of people come together to discuss ideas and work on projects it can sometimes lead to conflict. In order to try and cut down on the potential clashes, make sure that everyone has a chance to discuss their ideas. If a certain colleague doesn’t like the way the project is going, make sure that their voice is heard and calmly discuss why their idea may or may not work.

Meet on a regular basis

Depending on the timeline of the project, it may be a good idea to meet with your team on a regular basis. Set meetings with them once or twice a week to discuss the progress that you and your other team members have made. But it’s also a good place to talk about any challenges that you may be facing and if certain parts of the project need to be moved up on the timeline.

No matter what position you have in your company if you’re working on a project with a group of people you’re going to face certain problems. But it’s also a good place to learn new skills, such as conflict resolution and goal setting. So if you find yourself working with others on a project, make sure to keep these tips in mind to help you work well with your team.

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