What to look for in a Bursary Fund?

A bursary is basically a study program that is financially aided for by someone else or a company. Bursaries were generated to help disadvantaged, less fortunate and disabled students to be able to pay for their tuition fees and remain in education. A wonderful chance for every student to be able to get a higher education qualification.

Why are bursaries awesome? Because it makes it possible for individuals with a dream of studying further but don’t have the means, to make it a reality and have the opportunity to get a degree or diploma. Bursaries are paid for by individual universities, colleges, companies, and by the government. Payments are made every year; it is not a once off payment. Bursaries vary in amounts and professions and are given to students in order to further their studies. In return for funding your studies, the company may require you to repay them by signing a work contract with them.

Another type of bursary is a donor bursary (a bursary awarded to a deserving candidate in a specific field of study or in recognition for his/her work in a specific field of study). Some bursary programs do however require the candidate to ‘work back’ the bursary amount after successful completion of their studies, but not all bursaries have this requirement.

What must be included in a bursary is the following:

  • How to apply?
  • An application form
  • Bursary policy agreement form
  • Is the bursary automatic or conditional? If it is conditional when will you know?
  • Eligibility criteria
  • The financial support you will receive /value of the bursary
  • The benefits or awards you will receive
  • Conditions for repayment of the bursary
  • Conditions for repeating the year
  • Bursary bank details
  • Contact details
  • The deadline for the bursary

Don’t let your education take a back seat due to your financial status, look for a bursary today.

By: Bronwynn Simons

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