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How Technology is Changing Future Parents Today

Parenting styles differ from generation to generation. With every new year, we see new tendencies in parenting, and with the rise of technology in the field of child development, we are seeing more than a few innovations. Namely, watching over your infant, rocking them to sleep and nursing the little one are just some of the aspects of parenting that have changed in the last ten years. Long gone are the days when you had to worry about your baby stopping to breathe without you noticing on time or having to make a fuss about setting up a car seat. Thanks to technology, parenting comes with more peace of mind.

Monitoring pregnancy with apps

Technology is present in the life of a baby from the moment a mummy-to-be sees her little one on the pregnancy test. Even while waiting for the results, you can use the app that helps you kill time between doing the test and the result popping up. From then on, you can use a full spectrum of apps that help you monitor your pregnancy. From pregnancy diet tips to baby shower planning and preparing for the delivery of your bundle of joy, technology will be there every step of the way, offering useful apps left, right, and centre.

Planning the birth using tech

Have you ever thought you’d be able to plan every second of your labour through technology? Well, thanks to modern innovations, pregnancy apps will now allow you to keep in touch with other mummies, ask for tips, set reminders for doctor’s appointments and even research the best birthing methods. From natural (vaginal) birth to having a C-section you can use technology to research the most convenient and safest methods for the delivery of your baby.

Smart socks for baby monitoring

Millennials are the generation of technology, so it’s only natural for them to rely on tech innovations when they start raising kids. While their parents had to check up on them physically every so often, thanks to technology, today, you can watch over your little one through your phone. Monitor your baby’s vitals through a smart sock that uses pulse monitoring. Keep on top of the baby’s heart rates and oxygen levels by connecting the sock to your phone.

Self-rocking cots

Forget about sleepless nights and restless afternoons. With the modern baby beds that feature a white noise machine and a gentle rocking function, both the mummy and the baby will have all the rest they need. Furthermore, smart cots can also send alerts to parents if the little one is awake for longer than three minutes. The parents will then know that they can take over if they want to, and lull the baby to sleep on their own without having the machinery take over entirely.

Self-installing car seats

Installing a baby car seat is one of the biggest annoyances for new parents. However, with the help of technology, even that aspect of parenthood becomes much easier. Yes, you read it right. Now you can find a car seat that has the ability to adjust and level itself. Not only that, but the newest innovations introduce steel reinforcement belt paths for added safety. On top of that, the multiple sensors in the seat send alerts to parents and remind them to upgrade to a new seat once the child outgrows it.

Final thoughts

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to look so frightening anymore. Thanks to so many technological innovations, you can raise a perfectly healthy child with less anxiety and worry nowadays. With widgets, apps, and smart machinery all around us, we can now raise children with more peace of mind and in a stress-free environment every family needs.

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