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8 Interesting Things To Try On A Road Trip

Road trips are becoming more popular since they are cheaper, convenient, and flexible. Whether you want to make several stops along the way or you feel like taking a new route so you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. It is up to you to choose the activities you want to engage in since there are no rules to follow.

While the ride can be enjoyable, road trips can get boring without proper planning. Make sure you have a well-ventilated car, and while traveling with family, you need your own space; caravanuk provides you with ample space. Also, have a list of different things that your friends or family can do together to stay entertained throughout the journey.

But if you don’t know where to start, here are some of the tested ideas that are fun and will make your road trip more pleasurable.

Play Some Music

No road trip is fun without a great playlist in the background. Before starting the escapade, you can choose to download all your favorite tunes with the help of your travel. This will ensure everyone is familiar with the songs such that they can sing along to the tunes.

Also, ensure your car has quality speakers, enhanced Bluetooth, or the needed cables to ensure no interruptions that cut off your fun experience.

Play License Plate Game

The state license plate game is one of the oldest and most classic games that can never get boring. Most people might have played this game when they were a kid during family road trips. This makes it the best idea for everyone since they are familiar with the rules. However, the guidelines are simple for people who have never played this game. Every participant will need a notebook to write license plates from different states that they spot along the way.

Count the number of states each individual managed to note down at the end of the road trip. The person with the most states is the winner.

Take Photos and Videos

Capturing beautiful sceneries of different places is a good idea since you can share the amazing moments with your family and friends through social media. Further, you will be left with memories to look at when you are old and cannot travel much. 

Listen To an Audiobook

Reading physical books can be tiresome since some are long, and it’s a one-person thing. This can make road trips unenjoyable since everyone will be glued to their copy. When it comes to audiobooks, this is the best activity for book lovers since everyone can participate in it as they share their views on different scenes and characters, especially when you all agree on a specific title that everyone enjoys.

The good thing about this activity is that the driver can listen to the audiobook without much distraction.

Listen To a Podcast

There are different podcasts you can choose to keep everyone entertained. Some are educational, and others are just for entertainment; it will depend on what you and your buddies prefer. You can start exciting topics based on the podcast information, leading to heated debates to keep everyone engaged.

Moreover, you can pre-download several podcasts rather than streaming directly to ensure you don’t drain your phone battery.

Watch a Movie or Series

One of the primary reasons for taking road trips is to take a break from all the stress of life. And for most people watching an exciting series can help them relax by getting rid of unnecessary thoughts that prevent them from living a healthy life.

So, watching a series during a road trip is an exciting idea since you will be able to catch up on the new episodes that might be released while in transit. Also, kindly note that the driver cannot watch movies while operating the car since it can cause distraction and accidents.

Try Local Food

Suppose you explore a new place with different food, culture, and language. It can be exciting to try local food since it will help you appreciate other people’s way of living. Further, you might get a delicious meal that can become your favorite, thus increasing the option of food you can choose from.

Additionally, eating local food is cheaper and will save you a lot of money than buying meals in tourist restaurants that tend to be more expensive.

Document your Trip

Keeping records during your road trip can be time-consuming, but it can make participants focus on tiny details that create fond memories. There are various ways you can document your road trip.

You can note down every place you’ve made a stop, what you loved about it, and the unique things found in that spot. Another idea is to buy souvenirs from every town you visit. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff that can drain your budget, choose things like shot glasses, postcards, or small art pieces. Additionally, you could also write a blog post to share your experience with other traveling enthusiasts.


Sitting in the car for hours can get dull and unexciting without exciting activities. This is why it is essential to have a few ideas on various fun things people can participate in to ensure they are entertained throughout the journey. And the above list can give you a hint of some fun activities you include on your road trip

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