5 Memorable European Trips to Experience to in Your 20s

You might think that you have plenty of time to travel the world and experience everything that different cultures and destinations across the globe have to offer, but the truth is that there is no better time to travel to some of the best destinations than in your twenties. After all, life has a habit of getting in the way, and if you allow yourself to push back your travel plans, one day you will find yourself so overwhelmed with work, family, and chores that traveling abroad will seem like a wonderful dream at best.That’s why traveling in your twenties right after college or during your gap year is perfect, while you’re still young, adventurous, and without a care in the world. Now, it is true that you might have to hold off on international travel for a couple more months due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning your ultimate European escapade as soon as possible. With that in mind, here are the five most memorable European trips you have to experience in your 20s.

Organise a Paris-Rome-Prague trip

European cities are truly something unique and special to behold. There is really no way to describe the deep inner feeling of excitement and content that you feel as you’re walking the old cobble-stone streets, marvelling at architectural landmarks that predate many of the global metropolises and even entire countries around the world. While there are more cities that you should visit than we can list here, you shouldn’t miss your opportunity to visit the golden trio of Europe – Paris, Rome, and Prague.These three cities form a triangle on the European map, and you can choose to visit them in any order you please. Now, instead of hopping on a plane from one city to the next, you want to use the extensive European railway system to travel between countries and stop at smaller cities along the way. Exploring this triangle will take you on an unforgettable adventure across France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and even Belgium and Luxembourg!

Camp up in the Nordic wilderness

The Nordic countries that reside predominantly on the Scandinavian peninsula (with the exception of Iceland in the North Atlantic) are the crowning jewel of Europe in many respects, and even though visiting the breath-taking cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki would be an unforgettable trip, you really should use up your time in the north to camp in the Scandinavian wilderness. This is one of the main reasons why you should travel after graduating, because you might not have the energy or the willpower to take on such a grand escapade later in life. And besides, there’s plenty of time to explore these cities when you’re older. Camping in the north of Scandinavia will allow you to experience grand natural vistas like you’ve never seen before, and more importantly, you will have the chance to revel in the beauty of the Northern Lights with your very eyes.

Sail the Mediterranean coasts

Travel south and we find ourselves on the shores of the vast Mediterranean Sea, encircled by beautiful countries rich with culture and history. If you find yourself in Europe, you mustn’t skip a visit to the Mediterranean, as there is nothing quite like Mediterranean culture and way of life. However, the biggest adventure here is not in the cities, but the sea and the sprawling coastlines.

This is why young travellers who want to experience Europe in all its glory are nowadays booking all inclusive yacht charters that will take them across the Mediterranean map, making sure that they visit every natural wonder and stop at every historic port to explore the portside towns with their narrow streets and breath-taking architecture. If you have some money saved up and want to experience the Mediterranean cuisine, its vistas, and its enchanting way of life, then yachting is the right choice. 

Experience the hospitality of the Balkans

While everyone else is solely fixated on the most popular European destinations, making their plans to visit London, Paris, or Rome, some of the more avid travellers will tell you that you should look into visiting those little countries that reside on the Balkan Peninsula. This is one of those mistakes that first-time travellers commonly make, choosing to visit only the popular destinations and thus missing a rich and diverse culture on the other side of the map.

The Balkan countries, including Croatia and its gorgeous coastal towns, Serbia and its capital of Belgrade, Greece and its vast ancient cultural heritage – all of these destinations should be in your European itinerary. In Croatia you will find coastal beauty, in Serbia you will find adventure and hospitality like nowhere else in Europe, and in Greece you will get the chance to marvel at the architectural landmarks dating back to ancient times.

Road-trip from England to Spain

And finally, we would be remiss not to mention the western regions of Europe, and the truly unforgettable road trip you can undertake from England all the way to the warm regions of Spain and finally Portugal. Starting in London, you can make your way across the La Manche channel to France, and then take the western highways towards the French Atlantic coast and its mesmerising regions around Nantes, La Rochelle, and Bordeaux.

Once there, you can make your way to Spain, choosing to adventure its northern coast and the towns of Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela before arriving to Portugal’s city of Porto from the north, eventually making your way to the capital of Lisbon. Or, you can cut through Spain’s Zaragoza straight toward the south coast and the popular and historic cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, and Seville before venturing into Portugal from the south, making your way to up to sunny Lisbon where you will complete your grand road trip. 

Wrapping up

There is nothing quite as liberating and fulfilling as traveling across Europe while you’re still in your roaring twenties. With these destinations and experiences in mind, go ahead and organise an unforgettable trip to Europe that will inspire you to keep coming back when you’re older.

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