The Ultimate Bucket List For Traveling With Your College Roommate

The spread of coronavirus has changed every aspect of our daily life. From a dynamic daily routine, we have shifted to a social distancing situation, with few or no contact with anyone. Most of our year resolutions have to be postponed as the virus has undoubtedly affected almost all our plans. However, while the pandemic has peaked in many countries, it is now showing a downward trend, leaving us in hopes of going back to the old reality. As we see the trend dropping, we need to start rethinking our previous plants and revitalizing them. Well after all this time, aren’t you feeling the urge to get in your car and drive away to wherever the open road takes you, either in your home country or in an overseas terrain? You are in for the most exciting phase in your life.

Traveling gives you the chance to explore neighborhoods and terrains at your own pace. However, you need to put in some little planning if you are to have the road trip of your time, whether or not you are road tripping around specific sites. Planning saves you time and keeps you safe.

When it comes to traveling with someone, a college roommate is in most cases the best and closest friend; the elixir of every student’s life. This is the person you share most of your secrets with, the person who has seen you on your best and worst nights and mornings, and someone that you have had crazy fun together. Everything seems livelier in the company of your college roommate. Sometimes you fight and disagree, but he/she still remains to be a sibling when your biological siblings aren’t there for you.

With that in mind, you will agree that nothing beats spending time with your roommate- your best friend. A trip together would be awesome! If you are planning a trip together in 2020, better be prepared to have the most amazing experience of our life. Don’t give it too much thought actually: Just pack your bags and head off to your dream destination. If you don’t have a visa, you can take the easier route of applying for a dummy flight itinerary just to get a visa. The visa application process can be difficult and confusing, so it is best to find help from a reputable travel agent.

To ensure that you have the time of your life, we have prepared a list of 7 destinations that should be in your bucket list for traveling with your college roommate.

1. Ecuador

There are quite a handful of activities and fun things to see with your roommate in South America. However, some destinations down there are unfavorably expensive for college students. Ecuador is the most favorable for a tight budget, plus there is as much to see here as the rest of the continent. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, rich cultures and history, and an awesome landscape for hiking. You will also be happy to know that crime rates here are low, so you and your buddy will be safe. Be sure to visit the Galapagos Islands while here.

2. Road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway, California

This is an exhilarating experience to have with your college roommate. In fact, you might never have the chance to do this once you graduate and get a full-time job. So, gear up and take turns driving all the way from Santa Cruz to the coast of San Diego. You will enjoy the striking beauty of Big Sur’s coastal cliffs and the vineyard-rich valleys of San Luis Obispo and Napa.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is in the traveling bucket list of many travel enthusiasts, and that’s only for good reasons. The energy here is unmatched, the beer is on another level, and the food is simply amazing. Besides, the economy here as well as the public transport system is favorable for budget backpackers. Perfect two friend tourists.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam: A beautiful and friendly city for young friends to experience. This city is an excellent cultural and gastronomic destination. There are awesome cuisines to sample and friendly young people to interact with. It is also one of the few cities that will give you the chance to ride a boat, kayak, or a bicycle in the central business district. Here pubs are also great and your nightlife options are impressively many.

5. Thailand

Visiting the shining temples of Thailand should definitely be in your bucket list. You will have tons of fun exploring the rich culture and history of the Thai people, eating their local foods and learning their local languages. The average cost of living in Thailand is favorable for you and your roommate. Thailand is also home to buzzing cities and one of the most bumping nightlife in Asia.

6. Take a Euro trip

This is the epitome of youth travel for many people; a rite of passage that every ambitious college student should go through. If you have a month-long break, you should backpack across Europe alongside your buddy. Visit London, Barcelona, Lisbon, and any other European city you admire.

7. Morocco

This North African country is both budget-friendly and extremely adventure-filled. Head off to Marrakesh and spend a week camping in the desert. You can ride camels while there. A perfect time to bond with your friend!


Traveling all over the world in the company of your roommate isn’t a difficult thing to do nowadays, thanks to the availability of budget-friendly accommodations everywhere you go. You can sleep in hostels, vacation rentals, or campgrounds. Cheap and tasty eats are also in plenty all over the world, plus there is relative peace and calm in almost every corner of the world. You better start saving up and planning your itinerary right away!

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