What to wear to Varsity

What you wear to class says a lot about you as an individual. The temptation to overdress for the class in your first few weeks of University can be quite tempting. Some students can sometimes go the opposite direction and dress to casual (yes talking about you, the guy that comes to class in only boxers, flops and a t-shirt.)

This isn’t a guide of wear this to fit into this group, this is just a guide to being comfortable in class and how to look a little bit better when making a presentation.

Things to consider how you dress for Varsity

While over dressing and looking extremely formal will make you stand out amongst your fellow students and might make your lecturers take you more seriously. It can make you stand out unfavourably with your fellow students.

So how do you dress properly for Varsity?

Comfortable shoes

It is no secret that students walk a lot on campus, too and from class. Do yourself a favour and invest in shoes that have proper arch support and that you can wear all day comfortably. While some people go for sneakers and some for boots, some even invest in new school shoes. Whoever you chose, a neutral colour will work with most of your clothes and look good while walking around on campus.


Jeans are super comfy and if you get the straight leg or a boot cut jean, you can look pretty put together. Some jeans companies even sell jeans that are cut like work trousers. So you can look more put together than the student wearing low rise super skinny jeans.

Skirts and dresses

Ahh, wear what you are comfortable in and can run after a bus in if you need too. If you want to you can dress them up with a blazer or down dress them with funky sneakers or a t-shirt.


Wear what you are comfortable in and as revealing as you are comfortable showing others or seeing someone else. When you do presentations than a more corporate look works well. One neat button shirt can be quite versatile in playing around with your look. ladies, you can look pretty fierce wearing a male style suit and a tie while giving a presentation.

T-shirts and Hoodies

Try to wear a clean t-shirt and hoodie to class. That is all. T-shirts are usually pretty affordable, easy to keep clean and comfortable for walking around in class. Hoodies are warm, light and can be squashed into a bag.

Lastly, wear what you are comfortable in and feel good about yourself in. Don’t buy clothes that you can’t afford because debt is never comfortable. Dress up a little with presentations. Wear your favourite leggings if that makes you comfortable in class. Be yourself and if that is wearing heels, just practise walking on uneven surfaces before going to class in them.

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