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5 Reasons you should study abroad

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, you should grab it with both hands. It’ll be one unforgettable experience that’ll change your outlook on life. The months you spend there will be one big adventure. You might rock climb in Zanzibar or volunteer to teach English to students that have trouble grasping the language. Studying abroad will open your mind to new possibilities.


If you’re going to live in a new country for few months, it may be helpful to learn more than just “Hello”. After all, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the country and its culture.

If you’re in a new country you’ll have the opportunity to learn a new language. You’ll be surrounded by the natives of that country who speak it fluently and they’ll be able to help you learn their language faster. You’ll be able to hear how they pronounce certain words. The more exposed you are to the language, the faster you’ll learn it.

Fresh territory

You might find yourself walking in the streets of India trying the exotic spices that brighten up the markets. Or riding a camel in the blazing deserts of Morocco or lying under a palm tree on beautiful tropical beaches.

Whatever your destination, just know you’ll never be the same again.

You’ll get to experience a new place. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to be fully exposed to a new culture, meet new people and try out new food. Travelling will broaden your perspective and how you look at the world. Some cultures eat worms as part of their diet and some use exotic spices to add flavour to their food. Travelling also keeps the mind sharp and boosts creativity. When you travel you’re exposed to many things that you would never see at home. And you talk to people you might never have had the opportunity to talk to. They may change the way you view life and leave imprints in your heart. .

You’ll meet new people

Many people don’t choose the option to study abroad because they feel they’ll miss their families. Of course, you’ll miss your loved ones but you can connect with your friends and family on skype and chat over social media. And what’s even more amazing is that you’ll be able to meet new friends at school.

And if you’re lucky you might find an awesome family to live with. Living with a host family is a good idea because you’ll have a support system and they’ll teach you about their culture. They’ll prep you on what places are dangerous and what delicious cuisine to try out. And it’ll be way cheaper than living alone. You won’t have to start afresh by buying expensive appliances like a fridge, microwave or bed. And you’ll be able to learn their language way faster because you’ll constantly be around them.

Get out of your comfort zone

By studying abroad you’ll be embarking on a new journey. And it may seem scary at first, but nothing amazing ever happens in our comfort zone.


Your resume will stand out from the rest. It’ll show employers that you have courage and aren’t afraid of trying new things. It’ll also show that you’re independent. When you’re studying abroad, you’ll gain knowledge from school as well as from the culture of the place. Travelling shows that you’re willing to learn and are open-minded.

It also shows a hiring manager that you’re willing to adapt to any type of environment and you like to challenge yourself. Moving to a foreign place isn’t a walk in the park. You might have trouble understanding a language and find yourself lost in translation. Or you could get lost a few times trying to find certain places. But if you stay long enough to overcome these challenges, it’ll show a future employer that you know how to adapt and that you don’t run at the first sign of an obstacle.

There are many benefits to studying overseas that’ll you’ll gain if you take the plunge. Apart from studying,you’ll learn about how other cultures do certain things. And you may even learn a new language. If you’re surrounded by people that speak that language all the time, you’ll be able to pick up certain phrases and their way of speaking.

There’s just one thing you need to do while studying abroad, and that is protect yourself. Anything might happen to you while you’re abroad, so you need to make sure that you’re covered by an insurance company. You may find yourself lying injured in hospital and you need to be prepared. Hospital insurance companies take care of your bills when you’re in the hospital so all you have to worry about is getting better.

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