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6 ways to ace your exams

Your study habits could either improve your marks or cause you to perform dismally. Poor study methods lead to caffeine-loaded all night cram sessions. Whether you’re enrolled in a human resource course or an accounting course, you need to find effective ways to study. There are certain techniques that you could develop to help you study better and ace your exams. Here are six of them.


When many students take breaks, they would rather skip a nap and spend an hour on Instagram. Finding out what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast might take your mind off the books but it doesn’t give your body the rest it needs. Sleep is essential for your brain because it’s a highly active time for brain development.

Students procrastinate and find themselves swamped with tons of work and then have to pull all-nighters. And then they wonder why they don’t perform as well as they should. Sleep is beneficial for your body as it produces hormones that help repair and heal your body. Students think that if they sacrifice sleep, they’ll be able to pass their exams well. Sleeping actually helps you remember more information during the exam.

Clear your desk

If the space you’re studying in is chaotic, it could affect how productive you’ll be. Move any books, papers and clutter that you don’t need off your desk. The messier your area is, the harder it will be to find the material you need to study. For example, it could take you an hour just to find a past paper and that could lead to wasted study time. But if you are organised, everything will be where right there when you need it.

Join a study group

People often complain that study groups are noisy and nothing ever gets done. But study groups can be quite beneficial because you’ll be able to grasp information faster.

When you’re in a study group, you and your peers will be able to solve complex problems together. And you’ll probably be able to remember what you studied during the exam because teamwork helps with creativity and learning. Within your study group, you could come up with memorable, unique ways to remember certain things.

And sometimes it’s hard to ask questions in class and study groups make it easier to discuss certain topics.

Time management

Make a timetable and stick to it. When you plan out your schedule, make sure it’s realistic and that you’ll be able to go through with it. A timetable is important because it’ll help you organise your work so you won’t feel overworked. If you don’t have a set routine you stick to, you might end up procrastinating. And this could lead you to feeling overwhelmed. Organising your work will save you time. Set alarms that’ll let you know when it’s time to study a certain subject. And wall organisers are a great way to list what has to be done and when.

Find out what times best suit you to study. You might prefer nighttime because of the quiet and solitude. Or maybe you’re an early bird and feel more productive in the morning. Decide on the times that you’ll get the most work done.

Learning methods

Everyone has a different technique that helps them study. Find out what yours is. You may prefer to make different diagrams and charts to study if you’re a visual learner. Or you might prefer reading things out loud and flashcards may help you. Use whatever study method will help you.


Pick an area where you won’t be easily distracted. If an area is too noisy and filled with much activity, you might find that you lose concentration.Find an environment that suits your personality.

A library is the perfect place because you’ll be forced to study and it’ll improve your focus. It’s not just for nerds. It’s a good area because it’s quiet and filled with other dedicated students who’ll motivate you to study harder. When you’re in the library, you’ll also have access to the internet. And you could find a variety of books on the topic you’re studying. If you feel like the library is too quiet, you can bring your earphones and listen to music while you’re studying.

Your room can also be the perfect study area because you can study at all hours without any distraction. And there are other fun alternatives that are less traditional, such as bookshops or coffee shops. If you’re not easily distracted you may enjoy trying these places out.

Studying can be a breeze if you use the right methods. The techniques you choose could make or break you. Choose to study in an area where you won’t be easily disturbed. And make sure it’s a time when you can concentrate the most.

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