9 Ways to stay active in winter

Winter has its own charm. You may disagree with this statement because it’s freezing outside, but there are plenty of benefits which winter offers. Winter brings about cleaner, fresher air and helps you sleep better. The temperatures may be low outside but it doesn’t mean you should hibernate in your room and miss all the fun. Here are a few ways you could make the most of the winter.


Playing games isn’t just for kids, young adults can play too. Hinthunt offers 60 minutes of fun, where you and your friends can participate in a game where you’ll be stuck in a room and have to solve a few riddles in order to get out. This will be a fun way to bond with your friends and rack your brains for an hour and enjoy a Sherlock Holmes-inspired game. Hinthunt can be found in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock Cape Town.


Be prepared to be blown away by ziplining in Silvermist. It boasts one of the longest zipline courses in Africa. If you’re looking for an adventure and unique experience then you can zipline at Constantia.You’ll get spectacular views of the place and get to see Constantia Nek at it’s best.

New hobby

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up indoors, winter is the perfect time to try a new hobby. You could try something unconventional like taking a chocolate-making class or if you’re into arts and craft, you can join a crafting class. By taking a class you’ll meet new people and be entertained for a few hours. Trying a new hobby will help you do something out of your comfort zone and who knows you just might make lifelong friends while you there.


Dust off your hiking boots and take a walk on worn out trails.The scenery found on the peninsula is at its most beautiful in winter. Whether you choose to hike up Lion’s head or in Cecilia Forest you’ll have the opportunity to explore different hiking trails and lose yourself in the beauty nature provides. When you take a hike you’ll have your breath taken away metaphorically and literally. Which is why you should pack a light bag of essentials when you’re hiking, you don’t want to have to carry extra weight during the climb. Hiking will help you stay fit and it’ll boost your mood. Endorphins are released when we are active and they help enhance our mood.


Just because it may be too windy or cold to head to the beach doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the marine life. You can go to the Two Oceans aquarium and enjoy a day there. You’ll get to see crabs which are one metre tall, jellyfish and the rare knysna horse.

Long Street Turkish Baths

If you need a day just for relaxation and to get the knots out of your shoulders. Then why not indulge in a pamper session at the Long Streets Turkish baths, you can pick between a sauna, steam room and the pools.


In winter most people indulge in comfort food which can lead to weight gain. In order to stay healthy and fit you need to get some form of exercise. Working out is a great way to stay warm in winter. And you can choose to workout at home or sign up for a membership at they gym. You can go jogging, go on power walks or swim in a heated pool at the gym. If you don’t feel like leaving your house why don’t you use your lounge suite as the area to exercise, and you could do lunges or sit ups or whatever form of exercise best suits you. Exercise is good for the body because it helps boost blood circulation and helps with your overall health.


While reading may not require you to be physically active, you’ll still be able to exercise your mind. In this world of ever changing technology reading a book cover to cover may seem outdated as a record player. But getting hold of a fascinating book could improve your mood. Winter provides the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Turn off your phone, switch off the TV and get lost in a good book. Whether you choose to curl up in your bed with a thriller or a romance book, reading is a sure way to beat the winter blues.


You could challenge your friends to a round of bowling. You’ll be able to stay active and have some fun. If you don’t mind renting bowling shoes then you could spend the day bonding with your friends through this fun sport.

There are plenty of things to do in winter which could help you make the most of the season. Whether you choose to go bowling with the friend or go hiking, it’s important to stay active and healthy and most of all have fun while doing it.

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