Do you have a relationship with your Landlord ?

So, you’ve just moved into digs. That’s really cool. You can’t wait to explore your own space and enjoy some alone time without your parents or resmates around you all the time. Even if you have digsmates, you’ll still have more space for yourself and your things. It’s a really exciting time and you should enjoy it. But there’s one thing students don’t often think about when they first move into digs: their relationship with their landlord. It may not seem important that you get along with the person you’re renting from, but it is.

You see, this is the person who controls how much you pay each month and whether you can renew your lease after a certain period of time. They’re also in charge of getting things fixed when they break and making sure you can live in the place comfortably. That’s why it’s important you don’t upset them.

Always pay your rent on time

This is very important. The reason this person is allowing you to live in their house or flat is that you pay them a set amount of money every month. Paying late is obviously going to upset them. They probably count on having that cash in their bank account on a specific date. When you pay late it could really make their life difficult. Your lease should have a date that you’re meant to pay by. Always honour this. And if, for some reason, you can’t pay by then, you need to tell them in advance.

Don’t leave small issues to become big issues

Don’t let little things, like a dripping tap, go and not report it because it could be an indication of a bigger plumbing issue. After a while your landlord will be stuck having to deal with a huge problem that could have been sorted out easily a few months earlier. It’s up to you to tell your landlord about these things. There is no other way they can know that work needs to be done on your home.

Be aware of your neighbours

The last thing your landlord wants is to be contacted by your neighbours with a complaint. So, think about what your neighbours can hear. Don’t play music unnecessarily loudly at night, no matter how cool the song is. Be conscious of your neighbours and remember that they have their own lives to live. They don’t want to be kept up all night when they have to up at 5am. And if you damage the neighbours’ property, your landlord may have to seek legal assistance. And then they really won’t be happy with you.

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